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Virtualization in a DR Scenario

by on November 13, 2012

Hurricane Sandy caused the third – and worst –major electrical outage in the past 15 months, following Hurricane Irene in August 2011 and the October 2011 ice storm. All of these events point out the importance of DR sites with fully tested and validated disaster recovery plans; and the importance of providing remote access for those workers who have access to power, but are unable to reach a company’s physical location. Technologies from VMware and Citrix play crucial roles in both restoring services and providing business continuity.

In addition to the tremendous personal losses caused by the storm, many companies’ also experienced complete loss of productivity. Since the storm, Gotham has assisted many of our customers in failing over to their DR sites and failing back to production datacenters. Across the board, virtualization made the failover and failback much easier than the traditional physical server approach. As important as virtualization to a rapid recovery is the existence of tested and validated DR plans.

VMware Site Recovery Manager (SRM) allows for the recovery of replicated virtual machines in tested and validated recovery plans. The ability to both build and test DR plans – without taking down the production environment – allows companies to identify all required services and ensure their availability in a DR scenario.

Citrix technologies allow for remote access to front-end the applications and virtual desktops. The widespread transportation issues over the last two weeks showed the importance of anytime, anywhere access.

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