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TIND is the New BYOD

by on December 13, 2012

I was speaking to someone the other day who told me that they’d leapfrogged the entire BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) movement by purchasing tablets for all their mobile end users. At first glance, this seemed kind of cool to me. I imagined a whole army of mobile users, smartly dressed, whipping tablets out of fashionable messenger bags to the delight and amazement of the people they were meeting with.

I’m a tablet guy. I’ve got a messenger bag. The whole thing just kind of made sense. Maybe that is the way to go.

But then, unfortunately, I continued to think about it. I love my tablet, but if I’m going to be on the road for any extended period of time I always bring a laptop. There are plenty of things that still work better on a laptop and it gives me the option of a full VPN-style work mode if the Internet connection is slow from wherever I happen to be.

And honestly, I don’t really love working with small keyboards and monitors. I have at least two monitors at each of my offices and my home. Once you get used to working with significant video real estate in front of you, it’s hard to go back to a single smallish screen for any length of time. I’m a big VDI guy so these are Wyse terminals that all point back to VDI.

Finally, a lot of my email usage continues to be from my smart phone. I have it with me all the time and it’s the easiest device for staying on top of the deluge of email I get every day.

I guess, in the end, there is no one device that’s going to do it for me. I’m going to use a number of devices based on a number of factors. Some are provided by the company, some are mine. That’s why I’m starting the new TIND movement. There Is No Device. It’s like the matrix. Let’s stop worrying about finding the perfect end point device that we can build our world around. There isn’t one. TIND – you heard it here first.

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