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NASA Loses Laptop With 10,000 Unencrypted SSNs

by on December 26, 2012

On October 31, a thief stole a NASA laptop and documents from an agency employee’s locked car which contained the unencrypted social security numbers and other personally identifiable information (PII) of over 10,000 current and former NASA employees and contractors.

In a notice sent to all employees NASA is warning all employees and contractors that their personal information may have been compromised.

The agency will provide credit monitoring to the affected individuals, at an estimated cost of between $500,000 and $700,000.

NASA has had some data losses before. The NASA OIG report notes that 62 agency laptops were stolen this year alone, and 45 in 2011, including one in March 2011 that contained control codes to the International Space Station.

NASA owns or leases upwards of 60,000 desktop and laptop computers, but only tracks the encryption status of 20,000 of them at present.

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