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Tech Round-up: 3/18/13-3/22/13

by on March 22, 2013

Here are some of the technology stories that caught our eye this week:

A new study by Secunia revealed that out of all the security vulnerabilities on a PC, Microsoft’s Windows Update patches only fix 8.5% of those issues. The rest, the study found, were problems with third-party software, such as Flash and Java.

Ken Hess of ZDNet points out this number – $429,000. Symantec’s State of Mobile Computing survey found that the average cost of mobile security incidents for enterprises cost companies about $429,000 in lost revenue, damage to the company’s reputation and loss of productivity.

VMware introduced the Unity Touch app for iOS and Android devices, allowing customers to run their Windows programs on their mobile devices.

Juniper Networks also introduced two new products, PTX3000 Packet Transport Router and a new integrated packet-transport physical interface card.

Researchers from the University of Glasgow found that files on the cloud that were viewed, modified or deleted via mobile device still left data behind on those devices.

ZDNet warns that two-factor authentication for login and password recovery still is not enough if a hacker takes over a company’s mail server and intercepts that password-recovery e-mail.

Cisco issued a warning that some of their routers, switches, and appliances were left vulnerable to some brute-force attacks.

Last week’s credit report breach, which revealed private information of many celebrities and politicians, has been linked to the Zeus banking malware.

With IBM backing the open-source cloud project OpenStack, ReadWrite says there is still some catching-up to do to compete with Amazon’s public cloud.

EMC released an enterprise edition of Syncplicity, a file-sharing service the company acquired last year.

With the cloud revolutionizing IT, ReadWrite offers four ways to deal with organizational resistance in order to shift to the cloud.

In a survey of 400 CIOs in France, Germany, the United Arab Emirates, Poland, and the UK, virtualization and data center projects topped their spending priorities.

GigaOM’s Structure:Data 2013 conference revealed three trends regarding the importance and future of big data.

VMware needs to maintain a focus on small business customers, says Ken Hess of ZDNet.

A Gartner study showed that storage-focused vendors (EMC, NetApp and Hitachi) improved their sales and sales growth in the fourth quarter of 2012, outperforming server-focused vendors.

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