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Tech Round-up: 3/25/13-3/29/13

by on March 29, 2013

Here are some of the technology stories that caught our eye this week:

One of the biggest stories in technology this week was the DDoS attack on the anti-spam group Spamhaus. Mathew J. Schwartz at InformationWeek clears up some misconceptions and sets facts straight on the record-setting attack.

The ‘Internet of Things’ has been trumpeted by Cisco as the future in networking traditionally offline devices together.  In order for it to succeed, Scott Morrison believes that this must be supported by open standards to fuel innovation.

When adopting cloud technology across an enterprise, it’s important to manage, control, and organize the shift to the cloud, says Lucas Carlson, writing for GigaOM.

A new report from PricewaterhouseCoopers says that the popularity of Software as a Service is changing the way software companies price their products. Companies now need to take into consideration the cost of deploying software over their networks, among other things. In a related story, Jeetu Patel from EMC Syncplicity points out other ways that SaaS changes a company’s relationship with software vendors, as well as ways that stay the same from the old standard of traditional licensing.

ReadWrite says that the evolution of, and complications from, the BYOD movement has made it a ‘Wild Wild West’, pointing to a recent report by J. Gold Associates. InfoWorld cites a report from Forrester Research that says companies will be rethinking their mobile device approach.

VMware’s Hybrid Cloud Evaluation has proven to be more popular than the company thought, causing provisioning delays for users who signed up for the trial.

GigaOM is hosting their sixth Structure conference in June. The focus will on the physical aspects of the cloud. Among the guests will be VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger.

Equinix and NetApp are collaborating on private cloud storage, using Amazon’s AWS Direct Connect for public cloud storage within NetApp’s Private Storage for private clouds.

ZDNet points to a new book that lists 12 reasons why public clouds are better than private clouds.

InfoWorld examines trends in the closing of in-house data centers at small and mid-size businesses, as those data centers get moved out-of-house or to the cloud.

EMC Corporation announced a new partnership with the American University of Kuwait, improving their existing storage and performance without adding any additional cost.

Scott Geng cites DaaS (Desktop as a Service), MaaS (Metal as a Service), and DRaaS (Disaster Recovery as a Service) as part of the next phase of cloud computing

New product announcements: Juniper released three configurations of a new programmable core switch for software-defined networking; Citrix updated their Cloud Platform Business Manager software to version 2.0; and Brocade introduced new Fibre Channel management tools for 16GBps fibre channel technology.

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