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Tech Round-up for 4/17/13

by on April 17, 2013

Here are some of the technology stories that caught our eye today:

According to Prolexic, the average amount of bandwidth used in DDoS attacks in the first quarter of this year was 48.25 Gbps, with peaks at 130 Gbps. This was eight times more than the first quarter of last year. This is due in large part to attackers using Web servers over traditional PCs as a part of their botnet, since servers have many times more bandwidth to exploit in a DDoS attack.

Oracle released an updated version of Java to address security issues. The company says that the update patches 42 security issues, of which 39 are remotely exploitable. The update also changes how Java is used in web browsers, and the prompts displayed to users before running a Java applet.

Yesterday, Microsoft announced the general availability of its Azure IaaS. In an attempt to compete with Amazon, Microsoft is offering to price match Amazon’s AWS on storage, compute and network bandwidth. “We want to make to make our cloud OS the place where you can take enterprise applications, both new and existing ones,” said Michael Newberry, Windows Azure lead for Microsoft UK.

Microsoft also announced today that they would be rolling out an option for two-factor authentication to Microsoft Accounts – including Windows, Windows Phone, Xbox, Skydrive, Office, and more – over the next couple of days. Similar to the process for Google and others, a user would need both their password and a randomly-generated numerical code, in order to access their Microsoft account.

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