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Gotham Responds to NIST Cybersecurity Framework

by on April 24, 2013

Under instructions from President Obama’s Comprehensive National Cybersecurity Initiative, and his recently signed Cybersecurity Executive Order 13587 and PPD-21, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has been directed to work with stakeholders to develop a voluntary framework for reducing cyber risks to critical infrastructure. The Framework will consist of standards, guidelines, and best practices to promote the protection of information and information systems supporting critical infrastructure operations. The prioritized, flexible, repeatable, and cost-effective approach of the framework will help owners and operators of critical infrastructure to manage cybersecurity-related risk while protecting business confidentiality, individual privacy and civil liberties.

NIST recently posted Gotham’s response to their Request for Comment on its new Cybersecurity Framework, called: “Developing a Framework to Improve Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity”.

You can see our response here:

In response to this initiative, Gotham will continue to develop security solutions that permit all organizations to Prevent, Detect, Respond and Recover from today’s cyber threats.

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