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Tech Round-up for 4/26/13

by on April 26, 2013

Here are some of the technology stories that caught our eye today:

The latest high-profile hack, where an unknown party took control of the Associated Press’ Twitter account, has put the need for a stronger online security protocol back in the spotlight. With Microsoft, Apple, Google, and others adopting two-factor authentication as an option for users (and Twitter at a later date), the debate is on as to whether or not two-factor authentication is the best option.

Pivotal, a jointly owned subsidiary of VMware and EMC, announced the release of their PaaS cloud products in the fourth quarter of this year. Called Pivotal One, some of the individual products that make up the suite are available today. Pivotal One will be able to run on a variety of cloud services, with CEO Paul Maritz calling this the “modern equivalent of hardware.”

Dave Piscitello, senior security technologist at the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), explains what companies should do if they find themselves under a DDoS attack. Besides contacting their hosting provider and ISP, a company should also be able to collect detailed information regarding the attack, such as timeframe, types of traffic, packet information, and impact.

According to a study from the Open Data Center Alliance, more work is needed to enable virtual machines to work across different types of hypervisors. This has been underway with efforts like the Open Virtualization Format, but according to the report, 19 test cases of different hypervisors and OSes failed to work entirely, while 13 combinations needed user intervention.

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