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First Fake Antivirus Malware For Android Discovered

by on June 26, 2013

Symantec says it’s found the first fake antivirus app aimed at Android users, and says it acts like ransomware.

Malware masquerading as antivirus has been around for awhile. Rogue malware, such as Internet Security 2010, Antivirus Live, and Advanced Virus Remover, pretends to be real antivirus software, but in reality installs virus code that’s nearly impossible to remove.

Now the first phony antivirus app for the Android OS has popped up in the wild, calling itself  the “Android Defender.” Once installed, the app disables most of the functionality of the device and demands payment. Fortunately the app is still pretty buggy, so some users are able to uninstall after the device crashes. As the number of Android malware distributions increase, however, the malware code will become more efficient and harder to remove.

This is an example of the overall trend of all applications, including malware, moving to mobile device platforms. As more malware is migrated from the Windows platform to the Android platform, there will be lots more to come!

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