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Execs Say Cyber Attacks Pose Biggest Threat in Cyber-Ark Survey

by on June 27, 2013

According to Cyber Ark’s recently released 7th Annual Global Advanced Threat Landscape survey, a large majority (80%) of nearly 1,000 international executives feel that cyber attacks are a bigger national threat than physical attacks.

Even more interesting, 51% felt that a cyber attacker is or has been in their network already. While the actual number of organizations that have been visited by hackers is most likely much higher, it’s interesting that now a majority feel their company has been compromised, a higher percentage than earlier surveys indicated.

The increase in visibility of cyber vulnerabilities may be somewhat the result of cyber threats speeches by the President and other prominent military and government officials, and the resulting elevation of cybersecurity to national security importance. But with DDoS attacks increasing over 600% from last year, an organization’s increased awareness is also likely the result of direct pain.

While there’s no wall that can guarantee a determined hacker will be stopped, best practices say that perimeter defenses should be part of a layered cyber defense strategy. This involves erecting hurdles for the hacker if he gets through the perimeter, real-time effective monitoring and alerting to intrusions, and an incident response process to most effectively resolve the event if and when it occurs, to minimize damage to the organization.

You can read the full report here:

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