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Tech Round-up for 7/22/13

by on July 22, 2013

Here are some of the technology stories that caught our eye today:

According to a study from Bit9, 82 percent of companies are running Java Version 6, which was found to be the most vulnerable version of the software. The average company also has more than 50 versions of Java installed, due in part to the Java installer not always removing old versions of the software when installing an update.

Scientists at MIT built a system on an 80-core computer to improve the algorithms used by the Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) to prevent network congestion. The system, Remy, isn’t designed to run on PCs or servers, but the researchers hope it might some day be used to improve the quality of TCP algorithms on those systems.

Karsten Nohl, a cryptographer with Security Research Labs, will be presenting a method to hack a cell phone’s SIM card to access the device’s location, access SMS, and change the voicemail number. SIM cards use different encryption standards, and Nohl’s work focuses on the Data Encryption Standard, which dates back to the 1970s.

Blue Coat is partnering with AirWatch, an enterprise mobility management provider, to release a joint MDM solution next month. Blue Coat will combine its Mobile Device Security service with AirWatch’s Enterprise Mobility Management software to better manage mobile device security policies.


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