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Office of the CTO Update: Gotham Adds Network Hardware to Backup with BackBox

by on July 25, 2013

Today many of you are faced with maintaining business continuity that includes implementing highly available applications and virtualization infrastructure. The size of data continues to grow exponentially and as a result, larger storage, replication, and data backup solutions are required to keep this data protected. File-level backup is an age-old technology that has the capability of addressing data of all types on all platforms and operating systems. There is a certain comfort level that comes from knowing that all of your data has been safely backed up and could be recovered in the event of a catastrophic failure or a simple fat-fingering of the DEL key.

One missing piece of the backup puzzle has been the network appliances. Firewalls, routers, switches, and other security appliances do not have the coverage from the traditional backup vendors to be able to back up and recover the complex configurations of the devices that connect and secure the path between the users and the data. Scripts or other manual processes are often used to grab the configuration settings, which may prove to be unreliable when in dire need of restoring from a failed device or a bad configuration setting.

Gotham Technology Group has recently partnered with BackBox, an Israel-based company, whose solution augments a backup and recovery strategy to include all network appliances. BackBox is software provided as a virtual appliance and is capable of addressing nearly all network-based devices that are in your environment including core networking (routers, switches), security (firewalls, proxies), storage chassis, and even hypervisor configurations.

Designed to scale from single site to multitenant environments BackBox, along with the backup of the device’s configuration, allows an organization to maintain, manage, and alert on configuration changes to devices. Once configured, BackBox pulls a complete inventory of each device, allowing you to continuously audit your environment, ensuring that security policies and regulations are continuously being met. The inventory feature also captures make, model, serial number, and software versions, providing a central view of your hardware assets.

Backups are scheduled or run ad hoc, and you can have BackBox appliances replicate in a peer-to-peer and a hierarchal manner, keeping the device data secure and highly available. Contact your Gotham account manager for details on how to get a free trial of this solution that no IT environment should be without.

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