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Desktop Transformation Assessment

by on September 30, 2013

I sit down with many clients each week to discuss a Windows 7 upgrade, a virtual desktop infrastructure, or a XenApp (RDS) environment to deliver shared desktops or applications. The common theme for all of these projects is that the client is looking for a better way to deliver a desktop compared to how Windows XP was delivered. Sometimes this means leveraging automation with role-based provisioning to virtualize and deliver applications. Or it could mean using VDI or RDS to deliver the new desktop and applications.

But are physical desktops or virtual desktops the best way to go? And if a virtual desktop, should it be using VDI or RDS? Or a split? And what might that split be? What would be the hardware requirements? Which applications can be virtualized? What should be in the gold image? Who are the “low hanging fruit” for a pilot?

To answer these questions, Gotham has a Desktop Transformation Assessment which leverages tools to garner this information. The output of the assessment includes reports and a presentation highlighting the findings and recommendations. The goal is to empower IT leadership with the data required to make informed decisions. Below are some example topics for the reports:

  • Application Virtualization Plan
  • Executive Summary
  • Hypervisor Requirements
  • Migration Plan
  • Software Package Plan
  • Storage Planning

The assessment typically requires a server to install the necessary tools, and then agents are either deployed through the tool or through an existing application deployment infrastructure. The agents then run for a pre-determined amount of time, typically two to four weeks. Gotham then returns to gather the data, generate the reports, and present the findings and recommendations.

Please contact your Gotham Account Manager to learn more about how this assessment can drive a Desktop Transformation in your organization.

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