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NetScaler GUI & the New Java Update (JRE 7u45)

by on October 17, 2013

The new Java update (7u45) breaks the NetScaler configuration GUI (and probably a lot of other apps. The Java packaging process has been changed recently. The latest JRE release expects the Jar’s to have some of the new packaging parameters. JAR’s that don’t have the new packaging parameters will fail the Java Security test and will be deemed unsafe. The current NetScaler GUI does not have these new packaging parameters hence will not load.

To use the latest JRE version, there is a workaround:

Go to Java Control panel General -> Temporary Internet Files -> Settings -> Keep temporary files on my computer:  Unselect the option. Close the Browser and relaunch the GUI.

Impacts of using JRE 7u45 with workaround:

1. There will be two messages shown before the GUI loading asking you to accept the applet security settings. Accept both.

2. The Jar files will not be cached and you will have to download the files every time you access the GUI.

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