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Splunk Enterprise 6.0

by on November 7, 2013

Splunk Enterprise 6.0 was released on Oct. 1, 2013. This version contains many updates to provide powerful tools for the beginning user to import data types, and create dashboards and reports. The new release is now available from along with new supporting documentation covering the application basics and the new features:

  • Enhanced Search – Splunk 6.0 has a new interface that has search and reporting together. Reports can be edited in the search page. Also included are user interface changes to support simpler report creation and editing.

new search2

  • New Pivot Tool – this is a drag-and-drop interface that allows users to create rather complex reports without using Splunk’s search language.

new pivot2

  • Data Models to build consistent data relationships and make machine data easier to understand. Data Models are used to build Pivot Tables.

new data model2

  • Native Maps – geographic data and summaries can be displayed on maps directly in Splunk Enterprise.
  • Simplified cluster management with enhanced cluster monitoring UI, auto re-balancing of peers, faster recover and App management.
  • XML enhancements to use simple XML to create powerful views in dashboards.
  • Forwarder management – easier, visual configuration of deployment server and status monitoring.
  • Predictive analytics to improve root cause analysis, enhanced monitoring and future resource determination.
  • Integrated web framework that allows developers to convert dashboards directly to HTML and JavaScript.
  • Two new Windows Inputs-Host Inventory and Print Monitoring.
  • New License Usage Report View.
  • New search commands.
  • Automatic header-based field extraction for fields in CSV files during index-time event processing.

Contact your Gotham Account Manager to get started with Splunk 6.0 today.

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