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Gotham Security Daily Threat Alerts

by on January 6, 2014

January 3, Help Net Security – (International) Critical backdoor in Linksys and Netgear routers found. A security researcher identified a backdoor in certain Netgear and Linksys routers’ firmware that can be used to reset the devices to default settings, including default administrator passwords. Other brands of routers manufactured by the same company may also be affected. Source:

January 3, The Register – (International) Slovenian jailed for creating code behind 12 MILLION strong ‘Mariposa’ botnet army. The creator of the Mariposa botnet malware and the Rimecud malware pack was sentenced by a court in Slovenia to almost 5 years in prison for creating the malware which infected around 12 million computers. Source:

January 3, Softpedia – (International) Facebook fixes open redirect vulnerability on “How are you feeling?” page. A security researcher found and reported an open redirect vulnerability in the mobile version of Facebook’s “How are you feeling?” page which could have allowed an attacker to redirect users to malicious Web sites. Facebook confirmed that the vulnerability was closed December 31. Source:

January 3, Softpedia – (International) OpenSSL website hacked through insecure password at hosting provider. The OpenSSL Foundation reported January 1 that a recent attack on its Web site was carried out by attackers exploiting an insecure password at the site’s hosting provider, which allowed the attackers to take control of the hypervisor management console. Source:

January 3, Softpedia – (International) 3 vulnerabilities fixed in Elgg 1.8.17. The developers of open source social networking platform Elgg released new versions of the platform, which address three critical security issues as well as several functionality issues. Source:

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