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Gotham Security Daily Threat Alerts

by on March 21, 2014

March 20, Softpedia – (International) Tor Browser in Apple’s App Store contains adware and spyware. Representatives of the Tor Project stated that a fake Tor Browser app in the Apple App Store contains adware and spyware and that it has been present since December 2013. Source:

March 20, Help Net Security – (International) Over 31,000 IoT devices and computers infected by cryptocoin-mining worm. Symantec researchers analyzed a new version of the Darlloz Linux worm and found that it has infected over 31,000 Internet-enabled devices and computers running x86 architectures. The main use for the new version of Darlloz was found to be mining for virtual currencies such as Dogecoin and Mincoin. Source:

March 20, Softpedia – (International) 21-year-old Australian arrested for hacking US online gaming company. Australian authorities arrested a man March 19 and charged him with breaking into the systems of a U.S.-based gaming company, hijacking the game developer’s Twitter account, and using stolen data to set up a Web site that charged access to search players’ IP addresses for use in distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks. Source:

March 20, Threatpost – (International) New Zorenium bot boasts ability to run on iOS. Researchers at Terrogence analyzed a relatively-new piece of malware called Zorenium that is able to run on iOS, Windows, and Linux devices and contains several capabilities including banking trojan functionality, form-grabbing, and Bitcoin mining. Source:

March 19, Softpedia – (International) Oracle releases Java 8, several security improvements included. Oracle released Java SE 8 and JDK 8, making several security improvements such as stronger algorithms for Password-Based Encryption and better support for high entropy random number generators. Source:

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