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Gotham Security Daily Threat Alerts

by on June 11, 2014

June 9, Bloomberg News – (International) Cybercrime remains growth industry with $445 billion lost. A McAfee and Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) report estimated that various forms of cybercrime globally caused losses of $445 billion a year to various industries, including financial institutions, energy companies, and retailers. The report pointed to stolen trade secrets and intellectual property as the largest source of losses to legitimate companies, as well as the potential for market manipulation and insider trading, among other findings. Source

June 6, Threatpost – (International) Debian urging users patch Linux kernel flaw. Debian published a security update June 5 that closes several vulnerabilities in the Linux kernel that could allow attackers to perform privilege escalation or denial of service (DoS) attacks. Users were advised to apply the patch as soon as possible. Source

June 6, The Register – (International) Redmond is patching Windows 8 but NOT Windows 7, say security bods. Two security researchers created a tool known as DiffRay which scans Windows libraries and found that several security functions were updated by Microsoft in Windows 8 but not in Windows 7. The researchers warned that the differences in patching could lead to the discovery of zero day vulnerabilities. Source

June 6, Dark Reading – (International) TweetDeck scammers steal Twitter IDs via OAuth. Researchers at Bitdefender found that scammers are luring users into authorizing TweetDeck as part of a free or paid followers scheme, allowing the scammers to obtain users’ authentication tokens. The scammers can then take actions on behalf of users, such as posting tweets and following other users. Source


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