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Gotham Security Daily Threat Alerts

by on June 25, 2014

June 24, IDG News Service – (International) New Havex malware variants target industrial control system and SCADA users. Researchers with F-Secure reported June 23 that attackers have been distributing new versions of the Havex remote access trojan (RAT) by compromising industrial control system (ICS) manufacturers’ Web sites and adding the RAT to legitimate software downloads. The researchers did not name the manufacturers but stated that they are based in Belgium, Germany, and Switzerland. Source:

June 24, Threatpost – (International) Researchers go inside HackingTeam mobile malware, command infrastructure. Researchers from Kaspersky Lab and the University of Toronto reported findings of research into the Remote Control System (RCS) or Galileo malware created and sold by the HackingTeam company to various governments and law enforcement agencies, including the malware’s command and control (C&C) infrastructure and mobile malware components for Android and iOS devices. The researchers also found that the majority of the C&C servers were hosted in the U.S., U.K., Canada, Ecuador, and Kazakhstan. Source:

June 24, The Register – (International) Comcast Xfinity evil twin steals subscriptions. A researcher at LogRhythm Labs demonstrated how an attacker could compromise Comcast Xfinity accounts by creating a malicious hotspot that mimics Comcast customer-run hotspots, and that Comcast customer devices would automatically connect to. The malicious hotspot then presents a legitimate-looking login page that collects a customer’s login and password. Source:


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