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Gotham Security Daily Threat Alerts

by on July 2, 2014

July 1, Help Net Security – (International) Microsoft disrupts malware networks and APT operations. Microsoft’s Digital Crimes Unit seized 22 free domain names operated by due to the domain names allegedly being used by the NJrat and NJw0rm families of malware. No-IP stated that the Microsoft takeover and rerouting of traffic through sinkholes has also disrupted legitimate customers’ service. Source

July 1, Computerworld – (International) Apple patches iOS, OSX and Safari on mega Monday. Apple released updates June 30 for its iOS mobile operating system, OSX operating system, and Safari Web browser, closing 44 vulnerabilities in iOS, 19 in OSX, and 12 in Safari. Source

June 30, Softpedia – (International) A lighter ZeuS is discovered. Researchers with Fortinet identified a new variant of the Zeus trojan named Zeus Lite that has fewer functions than previous versions but contains improved encryption and the ability to control infected systems. Source


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