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Citrix Receiver X1

by on August 21, 2014

If you’ve been a Citrix customer for a long time, you have been through the many access iterations over the years:

  1. Program Neighborhood
  2. NFuse
  3. Web Interface
  4. StoreFront

Starting with NFuse, we have been asked by our clients to customize the interface to integrate corporate branding. Each iteration of the web-based access solutions had the capability to customize the user interface. Each of course had its own method, development languages, and extent of customization capability. But once a user launched an application or desktop, the Citrix logo and branding were evident.

Citrix Receiver X1 was announced at Citrix Synergy 2014. The goal of the new Receiver is to provide a single interface across all the device platforms by leveraging HTML5 for the UI and the client components. Since HTML5 will be the standard, customizing the Receiver X1 will allow for both the interface and the client. This will allow customers to have their branding throughout the experience, from log in to application/desktop launch.

This video from Synergy 2014 shows the user experience:

Here is the mobile interface:

I believe this new level of customization will quickly become the standard and will give customers a compelling reason to upgrade their Web Interface platform. Hope we see this released soon!


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